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National Middle Child Day is August 12

Middle children are precious, they are known to be independent, empathetic, and naturally gifted go-getters. Which is why it should not come as a surprise that there is a day specially dedicated to them. August 12th is a special day where the world celebrates Middle Child Day, also known as National Middle Child Day. It is a day to pay homage to the peace-loving, creative, and fun-loving member of the family. Middles unite!

History of National Middle Child Day

While the exact history of middle child day is lost in time, there are some sources that attribute the founding to a woman named Elizabeth Waller who started the movement in the 1980s. According to Walker’s grandson Litton Walker III in a newspaper article, his grandma intended to celebrate the life and times of the children who might have felt left out.  The original celebration fell on the second Saturday every August but was eventually affixed to the 12th of August.

Interesting Ways to Celebrate Middle Child Day

The special day places middle children at the center of attraction. They are celebrated for their uniquely awesome personalities, which directly challenges the negative stereotypes of Middles. The event could be a private and personalized celebration or a loud revelry that tears down the roof of your local pub. One thing is for sure, it is a dynamic time of the year where middles around the world may unite in solidarity to be loud and proud. Middle Child Day is also a phenomenon to be shared on social media with #NationalMiddleChildDay.

Personalized Celebrations

Loved ones may consider giving a ring to middles and checking in on them. Then follow up with a shoutout on social media. Individuals may post their favorite memories of their middle siblings and express some heartfelt appreciation. Additionally, loved ones may plan a surprise meal for Middles, served with their favorite dishes. Alternatively, you might consider organizing a group activity that the middle adores, be it a game of chess, a guided museum tour, or a game of badminton.  The most important thing is to be thoughtful and sincere to show how much you know and adore them. Middles who are parents to middle children may consider organizing a mega middle celebration. This could be arranged as a day out where parent and child can create priceless memories and snap some beautiful (perhaps wacky and well-captioned) photos. The blessed middle of a middle deserves double the fun!

Thematic Middle Child Day Celebrations

Hardcore Middles may opt for a more impactful celebration. This means roping in some thematic decor, music, and activities revolving around the joy of being a middle. Passionate middle child Bruce Hopman founded the International Middle Child Union (IMCU) in 2012 when he decided to raise greater awareness of the life and times of Middles. Hopman plans to organize an annual middle child parade for Middle Child Day but is still in search of a hosting town. Anchorage has been narrowed down as a candidate location but no further details have been released on the developments. Hopman remains optimistic in his quest of making the parade a reality, which will serve as the gathering ground (or middle ground) for middles from all across the nation. The founder of the IMCU has recognized British band Stealers Wheel’s 1973 hit “Stuck in the Middle with You” as the unofficial anthem of sorts for Middles. While an official Middle Child Parade of Coachella proportions may seem like a faraway possibility, middles can still enjoy their fair share of fun and entertainment with a themed party. Middle children are traditionally believed to receive less attention compared to their siblings, leading to what psychologist Alfred Adler termed as Middle Child Syndrome. Modern-day research has largely debunked Adler’s antiquated theory. Instead, we’ve seen many middles succeed in their lives. Event organizers may consider printing and distributing customized T-shirts with cheeky statements such as “Adler was wrong” or “I’m in the middle of something.” The party may be followed up with group movie-screenings of timeless classics such as Malcolm in the Middle, or Skits of Lisa Simpson (one of the most recognizable middles on TV) being her genius self. Hosts might also consider setting up an open mic stage where participants can share their personal stories with fellow middle children. Everyone has a different tale – be it good or bad. An honest sharing session might provide a highly memorable and inspirational touch to the celebration. To top off the event, organizers may consider selling or giving away (if they are good samaritans) famous books about middle children. These may include The Secret Power of Middle Children by Katrin Schumann, or for younger readers, My Middle Child, There’s No One Like You, by Dr. Kevin Leman.

Celebrating Middles

Regardless of how you might celebrate the 12th of May, it is certainly a special date to be marked down in your calendar. Middles have made monumental contributions to society, with the likes of Bill Gates, Princess Diana, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Charles Darwin, and the list goes on. They have shared their amazing insights and brilliance in transforming the world into a better place. This provides good reason to celebrate even if you face the unlikely scenario of being a non-Middle isolated from the company of Middles. If that were truly the case, August 12th might just be the perfect opportunity to befriend a Middle and gain firsthand experience of their inspiring personalities.
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The Middle Child

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